Kirkland Signature Vitamin E 400 IU Review

Health Benefits of Vitamin E:

  • Vitamin E is our body’s first line of defense against the damage of free radicals.
  • Vitamin E plays a vital role in keeping our skin healthy and glowing because it prevents free radicals from causing dry, dull, wrinkled skin.
  • Vitamin E promotes cell and tissue renewal.
  • Vitamin E help improves our stamina to keep us on the go the whole day.
  • Vitamin E has shown to help keep the different body organs such as the heart, muscles, lungs and liver in top shape, maintaining a healthy immune system, and improving nerve functions.

Natural Vitamin E vs Synthetic Vitamin E:

Vitamin E supplement is available in many different forms. In its natural form, vitamin E is designated d-, as in-d-alpha-tocopherol, while its synthetic forms are dl-, as in dl-alpha-tocopherol. The letters d and l reflect mirror images of the vitamin E molecule.

  • Natural Vitamin E is known as d-alpha-tocopherol
  • Synthetic Vitamin E is known as dl-alpha-tocopherol

Our body only recognizes the d form. Although the l form has antioxidant activity, it may actually inhibit the d-form from entering cell membranes. Therefore, natural vitamin E (the d form) has greater benefit than the synthetic (dl). You should, therefore, take the natural (d-) form of vitamin E and avoid the synthetic.

Kirkland Signature Vitamin E 400 IU

Note: Kirkland Vitamin E supplement has No Artificial Colors, No Artificial Flavors, No Preservatives, No Yeast, Starch or Gluten

*This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.*

Suggested Use: Take one softgel daily, preferably with a meal.

Supplement Facts:

Serving Size: 1 Softgel

Each Softgel Contains: Vitamin E 400 IU

Ingredients: dl-Alpha Tocopheryl Acetate, Gelatin, Glycerin, Water.

Overall Rating (based on customer reviews): 4.0 out of 5 stars

Here are some REAL customer reviews:


“Cheap and tons of it!”

They are only 400, but you can pop a couple with the quantity it supplies. You can’t really beat this deal for Vit E.

“These are great”

I take one instead of two with the same results. They keep the cramps out of my legs at night .

“mother-in-law stuff”

Ordered for my mother-in-law whose bedroom looks like a drugstore. But, she’s 102 and takes only 1 medication, a mild blood pressure pill. So I guess her bottles of pills & supplements must be doing her good.

“It was OK”

I notice that my skin looks so smooth and a live!! I heard that Vitamin E can help reduce an acne scar but I didn’t see any difference on it.

“lot of Vitamin E!”

My vet recommended 8,000 units per day! Yikes! That’s a lot of Vitamin E! But, this product was available at a great price and easy to drain the gel cap to give the liquid to my mare every day. Thanks so much! She’s better!

“Good product”

I like this pills, they are good, and they make my skin healthy, I love my daily dose of antioxidants yay! 😀


At the recommenedation of my MD I have been using this product for 11 years. When he advised me to take vitamin E and I asked for a brand recommendation he said he uses this product. Good enough for me. I just bought them at my local Costco in Tempe AZ for $7.79 + tax, regular price is $10.79. They have a $3.00 instant rebate this month, as they do 2 or 3 times per year. The expiration date is DEC 1215. I buy a years supply for me and my wife, and store them in a cool, dry pantry; never in the fridge. We usually travel to S.E. Asia once per year. (Think hot jungle: 80+ % humidity.) I take my supply in a smaller medicine bottle and keep sealed. I have never had a “sticking problem” in 11 years doing this. My wife likes the “soft gel” as they are easier for her to swallow. If you live near a costco you can save money. I just checked their website and after the $3 discount the price is $10.29. (shipping and handling included.)

“Do I Need Vitamin E Supplements?”

Do I need vitamin E supplements? Well, I don’t really know. My doctor has never said anything about it, but if I waited for my doctor to tell me about everything I needed in life, I’d probably be dead by now. LOL No, I’m interested in my good health and I read a lot. A lot of nutritional authorities suggest taking additional vitamin E for the heart and vascular system. As such I picked up a bottle of Kirkland Signature Vitamin E (400 IU, 500 Softgels) at my local Costco warehouse store. Maybe it will help my circulation system, plus it’s good for it’s antioxidant properties. I just checked my blood pressure and it was 110/80 with a pulse of 54. You’d think there couldn’t be much wrong. Oh, I’ve had a bit of a problem with an irregular heartbeat now and then, but I’ve had that condition ever since it was detected in 1980 and it has caused no problems. I’ve even run a marathon with this irregularity. How serious can it be? I’ve been warned that this irregularity might expose me to a slightly greater risk of stroke so I take baby aspirin on a daily basis to keep my blood a bit thinner. Perhaps I should add that I’m now 75 and a lot of older people have increased rates of heart and circulation problems. So, do I need vitamin E supplements? Well, I don’t really know, but I take a lot of other supplements and having E in the mix seems reasonable. It’s a mini insurance policy and a matter of faith, I suppose. Well, one thing is certain, it seems that I should either take E or stop reading about it. My choice is the first.

I might add an additional note. I’t’s very hard to rate an item like this in that I may not know of it’s benefits for years, if then. I’ve had excellent results with all other Kirkland Signature products and I’m giving it five stars on that basis. Be sure to read some of the lower rated reviews before making a purchase decision.

Gary Peterson

“high price for vitamin, low price to keep my vascular health strong”

My doctor strongly recomended Vitamin E for my vascular health and to prevenet Articular Sclorosis (sp?). Anyway I found that it was a little pricer than other options on the market but I trust the Costco/Kirkland brand and it’s a low price to pay in my opinion for a quality supplement that will make your blood vessels and veins healthy in the long run.


“Synthetic Vitamin E”

This is the type of Vitamin E to stay away from and avoid. These are synthetic. DL-Alpha means synthetic. D-Alpha are Natural. And yes the human body knows the difference between synthetic and natural. There really is no nutritional value to synthetic Vitamin E. You’re throwing your money away buying the synthetic formula.

“made with synthetics”

I’m disappointed in Costco that they still make their Vit E supplements with synthetic instead of natural d-alpha tocopheryl. Personally, I would only use natural vitamin E.
My wife purchased this Vitamin E without reading all the fine print.
We dumped it when I read the label and found out it was synthetic E, ie. dl-alpha not d-alpha.
We love COSTCO but not this product.

“Not Good!!”

I wish I would have read some of the reviews and did a little research before purchasing this product! The vitamin E in these soft-gels is the synthetic form of vitamin E, dl-alpha tocopherol. Notice the “l”? Natural vitamin E, the one I want, is d-alpha tocopherol with mixed tocopherols. The “l” is a tip-off that this vitamin E is not natural, but synthetic.

From my own findings, dl-alpha tocopherol is linked to increased risk for prostate cancer in men (For those who will want documentation, just Google dl-alpha tocopherol and prostate cancer). As a middle aged man, I don’t want to increase my risk by any factor. There are also many other potential bad side-effects of taking synthetic vitamin E. At best the bio-availability of the synthetic form is half that of the natural forms found in other products and is not nearly as absorptive as natural vitamin E. In other words, I wasted my money on this product at best, and at worst could have harmed my body.

I tossed the whole bottle of this product. My mistake for buying it.

I have now ordered an all natural product containing d-alpha tocopherol and not dl-alpha tocopherol as this product contains.

No wonder this bottle of vitamin E is so inexpensive.


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