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Product Information: Luna Beads offer a discreet and effective means of exercising the pelvic floor with a minimum of fuss, promising lifelong health benefits (helps cure incontinence), and satisfying sensation as your muscle develop overtime.

The full set of two 28-gram beads, two 37-gram beads and the composition girdle comes presented in an elegant gift box, and includes a user manual, satin pouch for stylish storage and a 1-year LELO warranty.

Overall Rating (based on customer reviews): 4.0 out of 5 stars

Here are some REAL customer reviews:


“Perfect for Busy Woman!”

I was trying to decide between the Lelo Luna Balls OR the Gyneflex with VTP. After reviewing and educating myself further, via their individual websites, it became obvious to me that the Gyneflex with VTP was just too laborious. In today’s world, I have no TIME to lay on my bed doing these exercises, as recommended on their website ([…]). That’s why the Luna Balls are PERFECT! Life is crazy and fast. I can pop one of these in and go about my business for a 1/2 hour and then remove, wash and dry it, and it’s ready to go for tomorrow. Gravity and movement are what help in this aspect. I don’t have to “remember” that these are in – I KNOW it! And after the first few days, I could already tell a difference in muscle strength.

The great thing about the Luna Balls is that they’re graduated in size, so you can start out at whatever you’re comfortable with – it’s all in the same package. I used the lightest (pink – 28gm) for the first few days, and then went to the heavier (blue – 37gm) ball. Soon, I’ll move to using two balls together with the harness, in 3 different combinations: pink/pink (56gm), pink/blue (65gm), and blue/blue (74gm). And this is ANOTHER reason that these Luna Balls by Lelo are perfect. The other system had you purchase their “anatomically correct” flexers in one of three sizes: lightest, regular strength, and firm strength. You have to buy a different set to get a different strength.

“Exceeded My Expectations”

 I purchased the LELO Luna balls for two reasons: first because I have some mild urinary incontinence, despite having no children, and second because I was hoping that tightening up my PC muscles couldn’t hurt when it came to increasing my pleasure. I have been trying to do Kegel exercises on my own, but it really is hard to make sure that you are targeting/contracting ONLY the PC muscle and no other muscle. The Luna balls take the guess work out of Kegels.
Like some other reviewers stated, the balls do seem a little big at first, but I have found that the size isn’t a problem. In addition, like other reviewers, since I have not had children and am tighter to begin with, I started with the heavier balls and had no trouble holding them in. That fact worried me and had me thinking that the Luna balls were going to be little or no help for me, but I decided to not give up. I started out wearing them all day, even to work, and I work at an animal shelter on my feet all day. So, I was really putting them to the test having to hold these balls in place. During the day, I could feel the burning in my PC muscle. I knew it was working. As to feeling the small weighted balls moving around inside the bigger balls: I can feel them, but the feeling doesn’t give me any pleasure. Maybe it does something for others, but it does nothing for me. At the end of the day, when I took the balls out, my muscle did not feel overworked, but I feel that it got a great overall workout.
Now, I have had the Luna balls for about a week and my urinary incontinence is GONE and I can contract my PC muscle much tighter than I could a week ago! In addition, my private life is improving a little. It says in the pamphlet that comes with the balls that it could take up to 12 weeks to see noticeable results and I understand that because you are literally working a muscle that you have been forgetting for years. So, I am being patient and optimistic.
I gave the Luna balls 5 stars because they cured my incontinence and I am becoming very optimistic about them helping me with my s– life.

 “Must have for any woman”

 LELO Luna Balls Pleasure Bead System is a beautifully designed product, it is meant to help tighten your PC muscles by forcing your body to do Kegel exercises to keep the balls in place.

The only reason I did not rate this product a five is due to the size of the Luna Balls, they are quite large (35mm). They come with two weights (lighter for beginners, heavier for advanced users) but even as a beginner because of the size I have no problem keeping the heavier ones in place. I noticed even during the first use a burning in my PC muscles, it was not unpleasant, it let me know that they were being worked.

The weight comes from little rubber balls in each Luna Ball, when walking you will notice them bouncing around slightly. I am very sensitive to Kegel exercises and often stimulated from doing them, with the Luna Balls I receive no stimulation from the movement.

The Luna Balls have a girdle that keeps the balls in place (the white rubber around the balls in the picture). You can take this off and just use one ball if two is too much. The guide string is attached to the head ball and makes removal simple.

Lelo Luna Balls comes with a 10 year warranty so you can expect years of use from them. This is a fabulous product for any woman worried about incontinence, PC strengthening for increased sexual satisfaction, or use after child birth to get back in shape!


“shoppers beware”

The balls were huge, I couldn’t insert them. No directions and company was unhelpful in the least. No refund given. I will be more careful from now on in purchases and will not buy from the company

 “Not what I expected”

There is no sizing chart or recommendation for women to use this product. The balls were way too big for me; I could not insert them, and since it’s a personal item, it cannot be returned. I obviously ordered the wrong size, but I will NOT be ordering any more of these balls, regardless of what others say.

 “No woman needs this”

Unfortunately, I read ALL the great reviews. They could not have been written by anyone but sellers. The girdle the balls go in is long, so this might come out, but if you don’t use it and put ALL four inside, they WILL NOT fall out. The weight does NOT force you to tighten. Waste of money.


I bought these after reading all the reviews in the hopes that they’d be a better alternative to the small, metal, ben wai balls. Another reviewer said it best with, “these are about as hard to keep in as a tampon.” SERIOUSLY!! They’re BIG and I started out with both heavy blue balls in. Did some jumping jacks, squats, etc. Looked pretty ridiculous actually. I could even use the restroom with these in and they didn’t budge. I would not recommend these to women who have had no children as a viable kegal exerciser.

LELO Luna Beads - Every Woman's Fitness Essential - The World's Bestselling Kegel Exercising Aid

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